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Are you a magpie investor? 

Almost one in ten (9%) adults are. These so-called magpie investors buy luxury items hoping for an increase in value and an attractive return, according to new research1.

Economic Review – June 2024

ER June 2024


Prospect of rate cut moves closer 

While last month once again saw the Bank of England (BoE) leave interest rates unchanged at a 16-year high, the minutes to the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting signalled a notable change in tone and economists now view a rate cut as the most likely outcome when the MPC next convenes.  

Brighter days ahead

Brighter days ahead for families


This year, summer brings hope of a better financial future as inflationary pressures recede and the economy continues to grow. It could therefore be an ideal opportunity to prioritise a range of pension-related issues in order to ensure brighter days do lie ahead.