Client Relationship Manager Roles and Responsibilities

General support to Mortgage Advisers

  • Administer, prepare and submit mortgage, general insurance and protection applications on behalf of the mortgage adviser
  • See a case through from submission to offer and offer to completion where required
  • Manage a pipeline of cases passed on by the mortgage adviser
  • Act as a point of contact and dedicated support to the client
  • Act as a point of contact and liaise with the lender and client every step of the way to ensure mortgage offers are issued as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • Ensuring you are building and maintaining rapport with lenders/BDMs
  • Challenge lenders where required, trouble shooting skills required
  • Expected to understand and know your way around all ID, bank statements and income verification i.e. (training and support supplied and ongoing):

o Payslips

o Accounts

o SA302’s

o Tax overviews

o Proof of deposit via bank statements etc

  • Expected to keep up to date with lenders packaging criteria
  • Report to your senior on day to day queries, issues, support, lunch breaks, holidays, etc.
  • Individual case issues will go back to the adviser if applicable
  • Invoicing and chasing fees

Compliance administration

  • Ensure every case is input onto XPLAN, compliance is in line with the up to date intrinsic requirements. All case commission is set on office web.
  • Document checking for compliance purposes i.e. checking payslips/bank statements etc.
  • Notes applied for every case with case background or general compliance notes
  • Keep up to date with compliance requirements
  • Check with adviser if in doubt
  • Utilise compliance spreadsheet check list to ensure nothing is missed

General administration/office support

  • Maintain a paperless office, therefore everything should be scanned and shredded
  • Keep the office tidy at all times:
  • e. Board room preparation for visitors/clients
  • Looking after and supporting partners where required