Benefits of downsizing

Focusing on the positives of moving to a smaller home

Moving to a smaller home, commonly known as downsizing, can be challenging logistically and emotionally, but there are many reasons to keep a positive mindset. Here’s a reminder of some of the benefits.

Essential rules for landlords

Five areas of legislation you must understand

There are over 100 laws governing a landlord’s behaviour and responsibilities in England and Wales, and several hundred further regulations. For most people, this is far too many to commit to memory, so you’ll need to consult the rule book from time to time.

Homes for lockdown lifestyles

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed what we value about our homes?

This year, our homes have had to meet far more of our needs than we’re used to. For most of us, almost all our work, entertainment, relaxation, shopping, and even exercise has taken place there for months at a time – often all in a single space. Inevitably, this has changed what we value about our homes in several important ways.

Is St Ives the happiest place to live in the UK?

New research places the Cornish town in the top spot

When buying a home in a new area, it’s always sensible to ask current residents how happy they are living there. Ideally, you’d seek a wide range of opinions and ask numerous questions but, of course, you won’t always have the time.

Buying a renovation property

What should you consider if you’re buying a doer-upper?

When viewing properties, some buyers are drawn to newly built, freshly finished homes that are ready to live in, while others like the challenge and potential of a renovation project. There are certainly great advantages to buying a doer-upper but you should be sure you’re ready for the work involved. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider.

Home survey

What could your survey uncover before you purchase your home?

Home surveys typically cost upwards of £300 and can exceed £1,000, which is why not all buyers arrange one before completing their purchase. However, most experts would agree that they are worth the cost as they can unveil a wide range of structural issues and other problems with a property that would cost more than this to repair.

How to sell a home where pets live

Top tips for successful viewings, remember not all buyers are animal lovers

Pets can be wonderful additions to family life, but when it comes to selling your home, they have a downside. Unfortunately, not all buyers are animal lovers, so signs of a pet in the property can accentuate the negative and mean that they’re less likely to make an offer. If they do make an offer, they might feel that they’re in a stronger position to negotiate on price.

Later-life finances: lifetime mortgages

How and why to release equity from your home after the age of 55

These days, our lives are longer – and in many ways more complex – than ever before. While you might have thought that you would live comfortably on a pension throughout your retirement years, this has become more difficult. You may have assets you can sell, but fortunately, there are also other options to raise the money you need.

Good news on the horizon for 2021

A flurry of activity is expected early in the year

Though the property market was forced to close for several months this spring, we are reaching the end of the year in a far stronger position than many expected. According to recent research, 1.1 million home sales are likely to be completed this year[1]. This is just 6% fewer than last year, compared with predictions of -15%.

Property market rebounds

Take advantage of the financial incentives to buy now

December is typically a slow period for the property market, with most buyers reluctant to make such a big purchase with the holidays approaching. But this year is not a typical year.