Five documents landlords must supply

Legal obligations to new tenants to ensure their safety, money, and rights are protected

Being a landlord comes with a significant list of responsibilities: 145 laws and over 400 regulations that you must follow in England and Wales. One of these responsibilities is to provide your tenant with several documents at the start of the tenancy so that they can be sure that their safety, money, and rights are protected. Here are the five essential documents.

Housing market update

Property sales and prices are rising

Since the end of the first nationwide lockdown, the housing market has been booming, according to new research[1]. If you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest in property, here’s an update on the key figures.

The great escape to the countryside

Britons reconsider their lifestyle and the charms of a rural life

In a year overshadowed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, quarantines and lockdowns, city life seems to have fallen somewhat out of favour. The rural property market is booming as Britons reconsider their lifestyle and the charms of the countryside.

Stamp duty holiday timings

Start your purchase now to pay the discounted rate

With high numbers of buyers hoping to take advantage of the current stamp duty holiday, the UK property market is unusually busy. Unfortunately, a significant portion of these buyers may miss out if they wait too long to start their purchase. We’ll explain why it’s important to move quickly.

Buying and selling property in lockdown two

What do the new rules mean for homeowners and homebuyers?

During the first lockdown earlier this year, the English property market came to a halt. But for this second lockdown, it is very much open for business. So, if you’re hoping to buy or sell (and take advantage of the stamp duty holiday, which comes to an end on 31 March 2021), there’s no reason to let the lockdown stop you.

What is a Green Homes Grant?

Find out if your eligible and how to apply

A new government scheme called the Green Homes Grant is designed to encourage property owners to make their homes more environmentally friendly this winter, by covering part of the cost of improvements.

Finding the perfect home

Tips to secure the property of your dreams

Choosing a home is one of the biggest purchase decisions you’ll ever make, and some people find the task daunting. But you can also approach it as an exciting adventure. Here are some of our tips to help with your search.

Common moving mistakes

Pitfalls to avoid when selling or buying a home

It’s an unfortunate fact about moving home that some things can go wrong that are beyond your control, like being gazumped or getting stuck in a chain. But some of the most common mistakes are easily avoidable. Check our list to make sure that you evade the pitfalls.

Capital gains tax review

What does it mean for property owners?

You may be aware that the system for taxing capital gains in the UK is under review. This review, by the Office of Tax Simplification, was ordered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, to identify and address any discrepancies around how capital gains (profits made by selling assets) are taxed compared to other existing taxes.